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3 Ways To Recycle Your Content On Social Media

3 Ways to Recycle Your Content on Social Media

Summer is here! It’s time to enjoy your time away from the office. 

Don’t stress out about what to post on social media when you’re away. Also, avoid creating time-consuming content when you should be packing.


By recycling content that’s already been created whether by you or your colleague. This is a practice you can incorporate even when you’re not going on vacation.

Here are some ways to re-use content for your social media posts:

1.  Share Evergreen Content 

Review blog posts and articles you’ve, or a colleague at your firm has, written. Are any of them still relevant and don’t require any updating? If yes, create social media posts with links to them.

Don’t worry if you’ve shared the content before. Not all of your followers will have seen it. Everyone checks in at different times. Also, you likely have new followers since you last posted that content. Moreover, people always need reminders. 

2.  Re-Create Posts You’ve Shared Before

Review your social media posts. Look for posts that lead to content that’s not outdated.

As mentioned above, don’t worry if people have seen the post before. They likely have forgotten about it and won’t call you out for copying word-for-word the same post.

Here are some ways to re-create posts:

  • Word-for-word — You could simply re-type the same post and link. 
  • Create a new post by changing the original text. For instance:
    • Change the call to action – For example, if your original post simply consisted of the headline and link to the article, now add a call to action like “read” or “review your procedures regarding these…”.
    • Provide an update, reminder, or some other commentary – For example, note the in-force date of a piece of legislation, or add in a tweet “#ICYMI” (In Case You Missed It).
    • Quote text from the linked article.
3.  Break Down Content Points Into Several Posts

Create several social media posts from a single piece of content. Start by reviewing your newsletters, blog posts, and articles. Do any of them have a list of factors or content that can be turned into a list? For each social media post, focus on one of the factors, and add a link to the post.

Not all social media posts need to have a link. You can carry out this same exercise for your presentations where you don’t have a post, paper or article to link to. Simply mention a relevant point from your presentation in each of your social media post. This will help with building your profile as a subject matter expert in the area you’ve spoken about. The presentation doesn’t have to be one you gave at a conference or otherwise externally. It can even be from a short presentation during a practice group meeting.

You probably have more content you can recycle than you realize. You can use a social media management tool like Hootsuite to schedule your posts, or email yourself the text to copy, paste and post while on vacation.

Enjoy your summer vacation!


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