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Time To Get Personal On Social Media

Time to Get Personal on Social Media

Are you revealing something personal about yourself on social media? 

Doing so could make you more memorable. That personal reference may be something that differentiates you from others, or captures someone’s interest to continue looking at your profile and maybe even follow you. Also, revealing something personal can make you more relatable. For some, finding a common connection increases their comfort level in approaching you. You may end up strengthening some relationships by attending non-legal events together once you realize you share the same interests. 

Other benefits to incorporating personal interests into your social media activities include improving your rate of logging into your social media account when you’re following others with the same interests. Moreover, you need to have a life outside of law to not lose yourself as a person. So follow accounts and hashtags to satisfy some of your personal interests and goals (e.g., sports teams and fans, not-for-profit organizations with missions you believe in, entertainment publications, authors, musical artists, wine and food bloggers, cycling and yoga enthusiasts, etc.).

You really shouldn’t be shy about including your personal interests on social media. This includes mentioning them on LinkedIn even though it’s known as the more professional platform than other social networking platforms. For example, if you’re a technology lawyer and love to code, mentioning that you program will likely strengthen your personal brand in a professional setting. Besides, other lawyers are mentioning their personal interests on social media, and tweeting or sharing posts about those interests.

Here are some ways to be more personal on social media:

1.  List something personal in your social media profile (e.g., stating you’re a mom/dad, listing your hobbies, or mentioning causes you believe in). For example, on LinkedIn, you could mention your personal interests in the Summary section, or reveal a personal interest by following a related LinkedIn group, or adding your education, volunteer experience or receipt of an award in the area. If you have a blog devoted to your personal interest, add it to one of the three website links in your LinkedIn profile.

2.  Post about your personal experiences, such as posting photos of you attending an event you have a personal interest in, or sharing news or tips that others with the same interest would be interested in. On Twitter, you could share some personal thoughts accompanied by the hashtags #ThursdayThoughts or #FridayFeeling.

3.  Share and comment on other people’s posts that relate to your personal interest.

On my social media accounts, I mention my interest in coding and that I love to take photos. What are your personal interests?

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