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Keep Up With Social Networking This Summer

Keep Up with Social Networking This Summer

It’s summer and you just want to get out of the office to enjoy the beautiful weather. Make sure you do! This is a season, though, where it’s easy to relax your daily routine.

Social media shouldn’t be set aside completely for the summer. It’s still easy to continue with social networking.

Here are three social media-related activities to incorporate into your summer plans:

1. Continue listening and engaging.

If you haven’t downloaded onto your smartphone the apps of the social networking platforms you are using, download them now.

During the moments of waiting in line, transportation or other “dead time”, check into your social media account(s) to continue the listening and engagement.

2. Strengthen your relationships.

Review your connections and those you are following on social media. Are there individuals you would like to strengthen your relationship with?

Assuming yes, invite them to catch up over coffee or a meal. If you want your meeting to stand out, consider an invitation to enjoy an exhibit at a museum, to participate in an outdoor sport or to attend a local event with each person’s family.

Events that appeal to both of your personal interests (e.g., making time for a painting or musical jamming session, improving one’s photography skills) may be viewed as more than simply a networking event, which some people dread. Also, events that have a limited time duration (e.g., a museum exhibit running for a short period of time) may reduce the likelihood of your get together being postponed.

3. Develop your visual library.

Take lots of pictures. They may be useful to accompany your blog posts, tweets, LinkedIn updates or other social media posts you share this summer or for when you gear back up in September.

Posts or tweets with an image are more likely to catch someone’s attention over those without. Make sure there is some relevance between the photo and what you’re posting or tweeting about.

Remember to use social media purposefully (think of your business goals and personal brand) and have fun doing so. Don’t be afraid to incorporate your personal interests when using social media or networking (think outside the box). Enjoy your summer!

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