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Practical, strategic advice to help you leverage social media as part of your marketing,  professional and business development activities.


One-on-one or group consultation to help build, market and leverage your social media presence.


Social media training through lectures, workshops and one-on-one sessions to help you amplify your brand and nurture your relationships.

Eva Chan works with her clients by first understanding their goals, social media experience, and work environment.  By listening and working together, she is able to deliver appropriate strategic, consulting and/or training services.

Services include:

  • Personal Branding Strategy, including:
    • Building or Reinventing your Personal Brand
    • Elevator Pitch Consultation
    • Social Media Persona Development
  • Social Media Strategy/Plan
  • Social Media Integration in Business Plan/Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Profile and Activity Analysis
  • Social Media Profile Optimization
  • Social Media Training, including the following tutorials, whether as part of onboarding:
    • LinkedIn Tutorial
    • Twitter Tutorial
  • Blogging Strategy/Plan
  • Blog Editing
  • Blog Editorial Schedule Management
  • Social Media Strategy/Plan Related to Career Change 
  • Social Media Policy Education
  • Social Media Team Resource Assessment

Contact Eva to discuss how she can help you with your social media plan.  She would also be pleased to speak with you about presentations containing continuing professional development content, including: 


  • Professionalism and Practice Management Concerns When Optimizing and Managing Your LinkedIn Presence

This program contains 1.0 Professionalism Hour.

  • The Versatility of Social Media for Lawyers

This program contains 50 min Professionalism Content + 10 min Substantive Content.